Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Thanks to Ange for sending us this little bag of fur for Friday’s Cat Blogging:

Hi Chris,

This is my friends cat named Pants. The kitten followed her home one day mewing all the way, and she realized at that moment she was now a cat mom. Pants fits into purses because she’s still so tiny. I told my friend I had to meet her before she got any bigger so she brought her over to my house for my baby shower. Best present ever!


RIP William Goldman

Aww, man:

UPDATED: I have been informed by friends of the family that William Goldman died last night. He was 87. Goldman, who twice won screenwriting Oscars for All The President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, passed away last night in his Manhattan home, surrounded by family and friends. His health had been failing for some time, and over the summer his condition deteriorated.

And The Princess Bride!