Georgia GOP candidate Brian Kemp was foiled by his own state’s voter ID law when he tried to vote

From Rawstory:

Georgia Secretary of State and GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp had problems with his voter ID when he went to cast his ballot on Election Day.

“It turns out his voting card was invalid,” a reporter with Atlanta’s WSB-TV revealed in a video report on Kemp’s issues voting at his polling place in Winterville, Georgia.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State website, voters must present a Georgia driver’s license, government employee ID, valid U.S. passport, valid military ID, valid tribal ID or a free voter ID card distributed through a country registrar or Department of Driver Services Office.

The ABC affiliate did not explain what the issue with the GOP candidate’s identification was and added that Kemp was eventually able to cast his ballot.

Open Thread Election Day Special

I haven’t voted yet. I will this afternoon. Mrs. C has come down with a cold and the weather is a bit rainy so we will time it properly. But a little cold isn’t going to stop her from voting in this damn election.

I’ll update this thread with morning election stuff. Please, use the comments to share your voting experience, good or bad, and anything else related to today’s elections. I don’t know what the results of the day will be but after two years of watching Trump in action, this vote is going to feel very cathartic.

Update 10:05am:

Update 12:56pm:

I voted. No lines at my polling place but it was in the middle of the day and there are never lines where I vote. I didn’t even need the pen to fill out my ballot. I darkened the circles with my rage.