Don’t Even Bother Looking at the Polls. Just Vote

I haven’t voted yet. Massachusetts does have early voting but I like voting on election day. I’ve never stood in line longer than a few minutes at my polling station and I have no place else to be so am willing to stand in line all damn day if that’s what it takes. (I guess if you really want to get critical, yeah, if I die today we will have missed out on one extra blue vote in an overwhelmingly blue state) We’ve been hearing a lot about how this may be the most important vote of our lifetime. And I agree. Trump has been an ignoramus and has stoked the flames of racism more than any politician at this level. He has no basis in reality to the point where he ends up believing his lies. He is the ultimate con man and we are at the mercy of whatever whim goes through his self-serving brain.

I am voting a straight Democratic ticket*. The GOP has proven time and again that they will not put up any speedbumps in Trump’s path. They are perfectly fine with the lies, scams, petty name-calling, racism, child kidnapping, and any other horrors that Trump & Co. come up with on a daily basis. They have thrown themselves in with Trump and now must pay the price, or collect the reward depending on how many active voters in the USA are perfectly fine being lied to daily. We will find out after tomorrow. I’m not sure what the Dems will do if they take back the House. Impeachment sounds far off still. They can curb some of his shittier instincts at the very least. I just truly believe that right now Trump has us on the road to fascism and the only chance we have to at least slow him down is putting down some speed bumps.

I haven’t been looking at any polls. When I see a headline about a poll I just gloss over it. They don’t matter to me and shouldn’t to you. You have a voice on Tuesday and let’s turn it up full volume.

*In MA we do have a Republican Governor (Charlie Baker) who is actually doing a fairly decent job and in any other state, would practically be a Democrat. I don’t care. I’m sure Gov. Baker will run for Pres at some point as a Republican and will make a mad dash to the right like Mittens did. I cannot in good conscience vote for any R after the shitshow they have put on over the last two years. (longer actually but my god, Trump is the worst of all time)