42 Lomasney Way

Also known as Boston’s last tenement:

42 Lomasney Way is a tenement brownstone located in Boston’s West End. Built in the 1870s, the building has been called The Last Tenement, as it is the only building that was not demolished during the West End’s redevelopment phase or subsequent construction periods.

Following the redevelopment of the West End, the building was occupied for some time by an associate of the Angiulo Brothers, which was a leading gang in the North End until the Winter Hill Gang decided to run rackets in the area.[3][5][6] Since then, the building has been purchased and redeveloped by a private owner.[3] The City of Boston estimates the property’s value at roughly $700,000 as of 2015.[7] The building has been compared to the 2009 film Up due to similarities between the house in the film and the building.[6]