My Wife Met Yo-Yo Ma Yesterday

I’ve been learning the cello for the past few years (am currently working my way through the first two Bach cello suites, so you can imagine my excitement when my wife texted me yesterday morning to say that Yo-Yo Ma was on her flight. I had to wait 6 hours to hear any more stories but when she landed she texted me this pic of her with him.

And she told him I had started learning cello a few years ago and he immediately wanted to write me a note. She just returned home and gave it to me. I’m in cello geek heaven. Here it is:

I have always heard stories of how gracious and great of a guy he is and it warms my heart knowing that somebody so talented and at the top of his field can also be so kind and inspiring. (The red marks on the paper were from the back. My wife just grabbed the first sheet of paper she had near her grasp.) What a wonderful way to begin the week.