More Cellphone Lockscreen Screenshots

We did this on Friday but there were a few more people who submitted over the weekend. I’ll post more today if you want to send some in. I love seeing the background of what everyone is looking at as they stare into their phones.

From Jennifer:

It’s no longer Friday, but I wanted to share my pic too…this is a close-up of a quilt I made 2 years ago. Quilting seems very old fashioned to many, but I’ve found it to be wonderful stress relief. I can get lost in the hum of a sewing machine and hyper focus on tricky hand work, forgetting about all else.

Thanks for still blogging! I’ll always keep checking in!

From Trish:

Here’s mine! I’m opening a yarn shop in Kansas City, MO later this year ( if anyone’s interested) and I’m excited about my logo!!