Rosenstein May Have Resigned or Been Fired

Mixed reports coming out at the moment. I’ll update this thread as more news comes out.

Trump On Kavanaugh After Second Allegation: ‘I Am With Him All The Way’

I mean, nobody should be surprised by this. To Trump, rape isn’t a bug but a feature. Also, Trump thinks that rethinking your position is a sign of weakness so he’ll double, triple, quadruple down on this.

President Donald Trump on Monday affirmed his continuing support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh despite the second allegation of sexual misconduct against him that surfaced Sunday, saying that it’s “unfair,” “unjust” and “totally political.”

More Cellphone Lockscreen Screenshots

We did this on Friday but there were a few more people who submitted over the weekend. I’ll post more today if you want to send some in. I love seeing the background of what everyone is looking at as they stare into their phones.

From Jennifer:

It’s no longer Friday, but I wanted to share my pic too…this is a close-up of a quilt I made 2 years ago. Quilting seems very old fashioned to many, but I’ve found it to be wonderful stress relief. I can get lost in the hum of a sewing machine and hyper focus on tricky hand work, forgetting about all else.

Thanks for still blogging! I’ll always keep checking in!

From Trish:

Here’s mine! I’m opening a yarn shop in Kansas City, MO later this year ( if anyone’s interested) and I’m excited about my logo!!