Can We Stop This?

Being a christian does not automatically make you into a good or bad person. Religion does not have a monopoly on morality. There are good christians and bad christians (and you can replace christian with any other organization and the sentence is still correct). Mike Pence doesn’t need to be a “phony” christian to be a bad person. It annoys me that people just make it a given that it’s impossible for somebody to be an adherent to a philosophy and be a shitty human being. Judge people on their actions, not to the invisible man they talk to.

Only the Best People

Former Trump Aide Jason Miller Denies Spiking Smoothie with Abortion Pill but Resigns CNN Role:

Jason Miller, a former aide to President Donald Trump, said on Saturday that he had decided to leave his role as a political commentator at CNN following an accusation that he administered an “abortion pill” to a woman he impregnated during an affair.

Don’t worry though, CNN will replace him with another vile Trump supporter as fast as you can say creepy chinless motherfucka.