Question of the Day

What’s your current cellphone wallpaper? Send me a screengrab ( of it and I’ll post it to this thread or you can put it in the comments.

I just changed mine for fall:

Submissions below!

Thanks to Tim for your eye that sees all, except where your charger is.

Thanks Paul!:

Howdy from soggy old Blighty,

My current wallpaper. A Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40k deep in contemplation.

Keep up the cracking work, and please don’t quit again!

Thanks Dana!

My amazingly handsome pup Dodger.

From Andreas:

Pixel Art! ?

From Moonsung:

My daughter and I in big sur area.

From Sarah:

It’s on my iPad…I don’t have an iPhone. It’s a screen grab fro The Witness, a great puzzle game.

From Jeremy:

Hey Chris!

Here’s my wallpaper to add to the fun if you’re still accepting submissions!

Have a great weekend!

More have come in.

Thanks to Ben for this:

It’s a photo I took of a sign I spotted years ago at a local flea market. It’s become more meaningful the longer I’ve had it on my phone – now I wish I’d bought the sign.

From Shelby:

My lock screen is an older shot of my girls Moxie (RIP) and Kadie (too cantankerous to die).

From Tyler:

Hey Chris!

My humble contribution is an Android “Live Earth” view down the sheer north face of Half Dome in Yosemite. (Missing from a screenshot is that the 3D perspective changes as you scroll between screens.) I’m somewhat of a Yosemite enthusiast.

Thanks to Josh for this one!