Well, I Guess Anti-Vaxxers Would Be Against Rabies Vaccinations

Holy shit, this question from r/legaladvice:

My daughter was bit by a raccoon with rabies. My wife does not want to give our daughter the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am taking her tonight to a hospital against my wifes wishes in secret.
My daughter was playing with a wild raccoon last night and got bit. I killed a raccoon in the area foaming at the mouth. Not sure if its the same one but refuse to take the chance.

My wife vehemently refused the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am in panic mode and I am taking her to a hospital over 50 miles away near Dallas.

Can I kidnap my own daughter? There is not a custody agreement in place because we are married and not separated. Probably will be soon though.

I need to know what to watch out for here and what to say to police if I get stopped. Rabies is fatal so I am not playing with this one.

I am leaving here in 10 minutes so just need to know a few things.

Is it kidnapping in this case?

Will I be arrested?

What do I do if she calls in an amber alert?

I am desperate.

I always assumed that they were crazy about infant vaccinations and didn’t even consider it being extended to preventing their children from receiving a rabies treatment if bitten by a potentially rabid animal. There’s no bottom to his insanity.