Mayonnaise Ice Cream

I love mayonnaise. I have disdain for any recipe that tries to substitute mayo with a “healthier” option. Yeah, it’s full of fat and clogs arteries but it’s soooooo good on a sandwich that it’s worth shaving a few years off of life. But THIS goes too far even for me:

The Ice Falkirk ice cream shop is no stranger to weird flavors. On their website right now, “Monster Energy” is the first flavor that pops up on their desserts page. The Scottish shop previously garnered attention with an ice cream made from Strongbow Dark Fruit hard cider. But last week, the brand went beyond the unusual into the realm of controversy when they announced a new Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise ice cream. “Who knows a mayo addict?” Ice quipped on their Instagram page alongside a photo of the polarizing product.