Border Patrol and ICE are the Worst

A 19 year old French woman visiting her mother in British Columbia went for a job and accidentally crossed the border into Washington. Apparently there are no signs where she was running and she didn’t even realize she was in the US. Seems like if Border Patrol happened to come across her they would realize pretty quickly that it was an innocent mistake, and let her go right? No, these assclowns detain her for TWO WEEKS!

(CNN)A woman jogging along a beach accidentally crossed the US border from Canada, and ended up detained in Washington state.

Cedella Roman, 19, was visiting her mother from France when she went jogging last month just south of White Rock, British Columbia. She mistakenly continued jogging into Blaine, Washington, she told CNN partner CBC.
As Roman stopped to take a picture of the view, she turned around and saw two US Border Patrol officers approaching her.
“He stopped me and started telling me I had crossed the border illegally. I told him I really hadn’t done it on purpose, and didn’t understand what was happening to me,” she told the CBC.

Roman, a French citizen, was not carrying any documents at the time.
“They put me in the caged vehicles and brought me into their facility,” she said. “They asked me to remove all my personal belongings with my jewelry, they searched me everywhere.
Then I understood it was getting very serious, and I started to cry a bit,” Roman added.
US Border Patrol arrested Roman on May 21 and transferred her to an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington, according to Carissa Cutrell, public affairs officer with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

She’s not white either so she really had no chance. Congratulations America, we’re the baddies now.