Couple Uses Alligator for Gender Reveal

This is one of the few times where I was hoping for the alligator to snap off a guy’s hand:

A Louisiana couple has taken gender reveal parties to a whole new level by enlisting a real-live alligator to assist with their baby announcement.

In a video shared on Facebook on Sunday by the baby’s grandmother, Melody Kliebert, a man can be seen holding the alligator’s mouth shut before dropping what appears to be a small watermelon into its waiting jaws. The gator then snaps its mouth shut, causing a gooey blue liquid to explode out of the fruit as everyone gathered for the ceremony cheers for the new baby boy.

“Just found out my grand baby is a,,,,,,gotta love it!!” Melody captioned the clip. “And I do!! No matter the results!!”

According to WGNO, the man handling the deadly reptile is not only the baby’s father but also Ponchatoula-based alligator wrangler, trainer and tour guide Mike Kliebert—a.k.a. T-Mike, the Gator King.