Mueller files new charges against ex-Trump aides Manafort and Gates

Sealed though. But Mueller is really hitting Manafort hard. Probably just a matter of time before he cuts a deal.

The special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin has stepped up pressure on the former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, by filing new sealed court charges against him.

Reuters saw a court record referring to the sealed charges, which were also directed against Rick Gates, Manafort’s former business associate, but the documents provided no details on the nature of the charges.

It was not clear if the charges involved alleged bank frauds the special counsel’s office referred to in a bail hearing for Manafort on Friday, in which he is said to have doctored profit and loss statements from his firm, in order to get a mortgage on a property in Virginia. NBC News reported on Wednesday that Manafort was being investigated for having allegedly promised a Chicago banker a job in the Trump White House in return for $16m in mortgages for properties in Virginia, New City and the Hamptons.

Smearing the Victims

Is it really so inconceivable that young adults who just witnessed their friends and classmates get gunned down to be against the very tool that allowed one person to kill so many?