Question of the Day

Yesterday was what was the worst social media platform. So today will be what’s your favorite social media platform to use?

My favorite would probably be blogs. Old fashioned, rss-enabled, one or handful of author blogs. The age of blogs are pretty much over. From my experience, 2010ish was when they peaked. Facebook and Twitter killed them since everybody could then post stuff to their wall and read other stuff from their “friends” walls which appear on their timelines. But I actually like going to blogs that I have learned to trust and love and getting that information by myself instead of having some algorithm spoon-feed me information they think I should read.

Outside of that, I probably find Goodreads most useful. I’m always on the lookout for good books and I’ve found so many fantastic books by paying attention to what people are reading from that app.

And I don’t mind Instagram that much. For the most part I’m following pictures of food, travel destinations and a few people I like without too much political commentary. It’s starting to get annoying since they are now putting streams of people I don’t follow which is such a Facebook thing to do (PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW! Let me decide that FB).

False Tsunami Warning for New England

Did they transfer the Hawaiian Nuclear alert guy to Boston or something?

Hannity on Stock Market Plunge: It’s Obama’s Fault

But of course. Expect Trump to tweet soon about how it’s all the obstructionist Democrats’ fault.

Today wasn’t a good day for the stock market. After experiencing a big dip on Friday when the Dow Jones took a 666-point hit, Monday ended with the Dow plunging to its lowest level of the year as it experienced the biggest one-day point drop in history.

With President Donald Trump having repeatedly touted the stock market’s historic gains since he entered office while taking credit for the continued rise of the Dow Jones, one wonders if he’ll be as willing to own the market in the advent of a major sell-off. Well, it appears that one of Trump’s biggest loyalists in media is potentially giving the president an excuse to embrace if stocks continue to drop.

Of course, Alex Jones has another theory: