The Worst Person in the World

In a world of Donald Trumps and Roy Moores, this guy somehow manages to be worse:

He was interviewed by NBC Boston and is now saying he was just doing satire and he supports the dispensary. Maybe it’s not the best environment to be breaking out your Andy Kaufman chops dude. When the current POTUS openly mocks the disabled, all bets are off.

Roy Moore has a New Accuser

And I’d place a lot of money on this being the tip of the iceberg. Congratulation GOP. He’s all yours.

A Gadsden woman says Roy Moore groped her while she was in his law office on legal business with her mother in 1991. Moore was married at that time.

In the past week, Moore has been accused by five other women of a range of behaviors that include sexual misconduct with a woman when she was 14, and sexual assault of another when she was 16. This is the first public accusation of physical contact that happened after Moore was married.


Two more accusers. Two.

Republican Conspiracy Charts

The GOP has gone full Glenn Beck:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has a reputation as one of the more colorful members of Congress. But he outdid himself Tuesday afternoon, putting together an essentially incoherent chart connecting various conspiracy theories about the Obama administration and holding it up during a congressional hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The intent of the chart is to say that the Justice Department discredited itself during the Obama years and is somehow connected to the Uranium One scandal dominating conservative media. Special counsel Robert Mueller was one of President Obama’s two FBI directors (Jim Comey, later fired by President Trump, was the other). It allegedly illustrates connections between the DOJ under Obama and various alleged scandals (e.g., “Benghazi.”)

Not to be outdone, a caffeine deprived Sean Hannity decides to have a go at it himself:

Hillary seems to have to go through a lot of channels to have a chat with her husband.

Actor James Woods is Still a Piece of Shit

Oh heavens. Look what our country has become!!! People walking around peacefully. And in a mall of all places. Somebody deport them before Roy Moore starts leering at their underage daughters.