What if, instead of taking Trump’s account offline, the staffer decided to fire off a tweet on Trump’s account?

Business Insider is upset that people are calling the Twitter employee who deactivated Trump’s account a hero saying that it could have been disastrous.

Yes, no fucking shit. The problem here is Trump himself who should be using official government channels to disseminate policy. He also has been so reckless with his twitter account in the past that if a hacker or rogue employee did do something nefarious it would be completely believable. This is all on Trump.

But the fact that the US president was able to be silenced, even just for 11 minutes, by a Twitter support staffer is not a reassuring sign. It suggests that whatever safeguards Twitter has in place for Trump’s account suffer from some major deficiencies.

We don’t really know what level of access various Twitter employees have to user accounts. Hopefully this staffer had only the ability to suspend the account and not to actually access it. But we have no idea.

Just think, what if the rogue support staffer on his last day decided to do something different. What if, instead of taking Trump’s account offline, the staffer decided to fire off a tweet on Trump’s account? Perhaps the staffer might have had Trump say something idiotic or embarrassing. Perhaps the staffer might have had Trump bash a company’s stock, in hopes of trading ahead of it and make a quick buck.

Or perhaps the departing Twitter employee might have composed a tweet declaring that missiles had been fired at an enemy regime like North Korea.

Departing Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump’s Account

Hero! For eleven full minutes we didn’t have to worry about him doing something world altering stupid within 140 characters. It was the best eleven minutes I’ve had since January 20th, 2017.

A Twitter customer support worker who was on his or her last day on the job deactivated U.S. President Donald Trump’s account for a few minutes Thursday evening, the social media company reported.

Shortly before 7 p.m. ET Thursday, social media reports surfaced that the president’s personal account, @RealDonaldTrump, was unavailable, providing the error message that the user “does not exist.” The account was restored by 7:03 p.m.

Twitter took responsibility for the outage. In a tweeted statement, the company said Trump’s account was “inadvertently deactivated due to human error” by one of its employees. The account was unreachable for 11 minutes.

Twitter later said the deactivation “was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day.”

“We are conducting a full internal review,” the company said.