The Worst President During My Life…… so far

And the “so far” part is a very important part of that title but my vote is still for Dubya as being the worst president of my life (I was born in 1974 when Ford was President). We had 8 years of super conservative bullshit, he put us in two wars, completely destabilized the Middle East, had shitty economic policies that put us into a terrible recession, and was a complete embarrassment as a leader where every speech he gave was cringe-inducing.

It has been 273 days (or 24.8 Scaramuccis) since Trump’s inauguration. I think Trump’s administration at this point is by far more incompetent than any other before it, but because it’s so bad, Trump hasn’t been able to get many of his shitty policies cemented. The muslim ban has been struck down by numerous courts, the Obamacare repeal failed in Congress several times now (suffocating it with executive orders is not a long term fix that the GOP wanted) and his wall idea hasn’t gotten much traction as of yet. If Trump was to leave office as of this writing, the thing we would most remember about his presidency was just the complete chaos that he caused on twitter every morning. Astoundingly bad but very little long term effects.

Unfortunately, the chances of Trump leaving office today are smaller than his doll hands and given everything we’ve seen so far of his ability to lead, I think he is on course to not just be the worst president during our lives, but the worst in history. He has surrounded himself with sycophants, grifters, low-lives and useless morons. His lies are constant. His tweets are just sickeningly juvenile and are driving us to the brink of war. He thinks white supremacists are fine people. And where to begin with Russia and his love for Putin?

I guess we will find out where all this eventually leads. But until then, Bush still sucks bigly.