Good Night Thread

A quick lap around Twitter before tomorrow happens:

“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville

White people blaming the black guy for the white supremacists.

DECATUR, Alabama — Several Alabama voters blame President Barack Obama for the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville this weekend because, they say, he sowed division in American politics.

Attendees at a rally for Rep. Mo Brooks, a conservative House Republican running for Senate, in Decatur on Monday said they were confident that philanthropist George Soros was bankrolling both sides of this weekend’s violent clashes.

And on conservative Alabama talk radio, Black Lives Matter activists quickly emerged as a top culprit in the bloodshed. Callers, citing Facebook posts, claimed that BLM protesters had thrown bricks at the car that then hit and killed Heather Heyer.

“There’s a lot of wrong on both sides, and unfortunately all the liberal media talks about is the wrong on one side,” said Tom Cowles, 61, a retired engineer from a wealthy section of northeast Alabama.

Trump Shuts Down Business Councils After More CEOs Flee

The only surprising part of any of this is that people actually thought that Trump would be anything less than an epic disaster.

After eight executives quit his manufacturing councils in the wake of his Charlottesville comments, Trump just tweeted that he is “ending” both of his advisory councils:

What were these councils?

Trump set up the manufacturing council in January to hear top business leaders’ advice on revitalizing American manufacturing, a major focus of his campaign.