Trump Pondering Pardon for Racial Profiler Joe Arpaio


On Sunday, while the president was fielding advice about what, if anything, to say concerning lethal racist violence in Charlottesville, he was also facing another quandary: whether to pardon former Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” the president said Sunday, during a conversation with Fox News at his club in Bedminster, N.J. “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court a couple of weeks ago for his serial defiance of a court order aimed at stopping his department’s eager use of racial-profiling methods. He was probably lucky he was only popped for a misdemeanor, since the racial profiling went on for years and Arpaio at one point admitted his lawyers had hired a private eye to investigate the wife of the judge he was battling. Then there’s the fact that his fight with the courts cost his county’s taxpayers well over $50 million. He could have been ordered to make restitution.

And in case anybody is wondering about the veracity of this report, Trump has retweeted it: