Protesters in Durham Topple Confederate Monument

The monument was dedicated in memory of confederate soldiers. I find no honor whatsoever in fighting for a treasonous cause which enslaves human beings. Tear down all of these monuments. Tear them down now.

A group of protesters in Durham, N.C. pulled down a Confederate statue outside a government building on Monday evening.

The statue, called the Confederate Soldiers Monument, was dedicated to the city in 1924 and stands outside a government building that houses offices such as the county manager and the county attorney. It depicts a soldier along with the words “In memory of the boys who wore the gray,” in reference to the color of the Confederate forces during the Civil War. The monument also features a seal engraved with “The Confederate States of America.”

Gallup: Trump Sinks to Lowest Approval Rating Yet

He’ll keep sinking until he bombs another country. When he learns that war always helps with a president’s approval rating then we’ll be truly screwed:

President Trump’s approval rating has now dropped to 34 percent, his lowest score since taking office. According to Gallup’s daily poll, since last Thursday Trump’s approval rating dropped by three percent while his disapproval rating jumped five points to 61 percent. Additionally, his approval among Republicans fell to 79 percent. These changes came over a weekend that saw a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. turn deadly. Trump’s initial remarks were criticized for failing to directly condemn racism, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis.

President Trump finally condemns neo-Nazis, KKK and white nationalists days after Charlottesville

But timing is everything in life. And that’s especially true when you’re the President of the United States. Since it took him three days and two attempts at saying this, the racist groups that he has emboldened will now say that he has only bowed to political pressure and that his first reaction is the correct reaction (and they are probably right in their assessment). All Trump needed to do was condemn these racists immediately after it happened. That was the very least that he could do. He wouldn’t have even had to leave the 13th hole to do it.

But nobody should be surprised by now that we elected a 6 foot 2 inch pile of garbage as the President. His campaign was a dumpster fire and anybody who thought he would rise to the occasion was never really paying attention.

Ana Navarro: Not Only is Trump Unfit to Be President, ‘He’s Unfit to Be Human’

From Mediaite:

Ana Navarro continued to completely tear into President Donald Trump over his Saturday press conference on Charlottesville.

Appearing Monday on CNN, the republican strategist — who has been one of Trump’s most vocal critics on either side of the aisle — railed against Trump for his comments condemning violence “on many sides.”

“He was a coward,” Navarro said. “He didn’t have the spine to behave like the leader of the United States. And I find that to be shameful.”

She added: “I’m glad [Republicans] are finally — finally! — stopping looking the other way and confronting the fact he’s not only unfit to be president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.”

Navarro went on to slam Trump for not calling out white supremacy. She questioned how long it will take for him to do so.