Alex Jones: Charlottesville Was A False Flag Run By SPLC Operatives Who Hired Actors To Pose As Nazis

So sick of these idiots at this point:

“So I look at the ‘white nationalists’ last night that were leaving this deal, I mean they’re straight out of Hollywood with their little white shirts and their Hitler haircuts. I mean, some of them you track and it comes out they are Southern Poverty Law Center operatives. I mean, they RAN the Oklahoma City bombing. That came out in court documents.” – Alex Jones, in a nearly hour-long rant that concludes with a lengthy pitch for his crackpot supplements.

At Least 6 Pedestrians Hit by Car Aiming for Anti-Racist Protesters in Charlottesville

From the WaPo:

BREAKING NEWS, 2:33 p.m. At least six pedestrians were struck in a crash involving multiple vehicles in Charlottesville, according to the city government’s Twitter account. Matthew Korbon of Charlottesville said he was standing 10 feet from where the crash happened. He saw a car at high speed rear-end another car, then back up and plow through pedestrians. Charlottesville police said at least three vehicles were involved in the incident.

There’s Always a Tweet (Golf Edition)

I know this is really dumb with everything else going on in the world but Trump’s tweets are really just infuriating giving that he just lies and lies and lies. Politifact is keeping count of the tally to see how full of shit Trump was about his tweets regarding Obama’s golf games.

Hatred Descends Upon Charlottesville

From the NY Times: White Nationalists March on University of Virginia

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A month after a Ku Klux Klan rally here ended with the police using tear gas on protesters, Charlottesville is bracing for a weekend of white nationalist demonstrations and counterprotests, and suddenly this tranquil college town feels like a city under siege.

Thousands of people — many from out of town — are expected to descend on the city to either protest or participate in a “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday convened by white nationalists who oppose a plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general, from a city park.

“People are angry, they’re scared, they’re hurt, they’re confused,” said the Rev. Seth Wispelwey of the local United Church of Christ. “White supremacists rallying in our town is an act of violence.”

Late Friday night, several hundred torch-bearing men and women marched on the main quadrangle of the University of Virginia’s grounds, shouting, “You will not replace us,” and “Jew will not replace us.” They walked around the Rotunda, the university’s signature building, and to a statue of Thomas Jefferson, where a group of counterprotesters were gathered, and a brawl ensued. At least one person was led away in handcuffs by the police.

The media has been calling these idiots the “alt-right” since Trump got elected but that is a fairly sterile term to what these fuckers are really standing for. So let’s call them what they really are. Nazi shitheads:

I guess nazis, kkk, white nationalists are using their citronella loving racist asses to protest the removal of confederate statues. You know, the monuments dedicated to the people who committed treason against the United States of America so that they could keep owning black people.

Trump Tells Guam Governor “You’ve Become Extremely Famous” Over North Korea Threat

Because in Trump’s view, nothing is more important than fame. Even at the cost of nuclear obliteration. Seems like Guam’s Governor is a piece of work himself. I’m really, really feeling for the people of Guam at the moment with these two idiots having any say with their fate.