Pharma Douche Found Guilty of Securities Fraud

Let’s hope when it’s time for sentencing the judge says he was going to give him 3 weeks in jail but decided to inflate that to 20 years:

New York —Martin Shkreli was convicted of three of eight counts of securities fraud.

He faces up to 20 years in prison, though legal experts say he is likely to get much less.

Shkreli was dressed in a short-sleeve polo shirt and shook his head in apparent disbelief when the first guilty verdict was read. His father in the front row put his head in his hands.

“We’re delighted in many ways,” Shkreli said outside the courtroom, saying he was glad to be exonerated on many of the charges.

Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with president’s company

How the fuck do you get in a lease dispute with the people whose job is to take a bullet for you? At this point I just think he fights people on pure reflex:

The Secret Service has vacated its command post inside Trump Tower in Manhattan following a dispute between the government and President Trump’s company over the terms of a lease for the space, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

Previously, the Secret Service had stationed its command post — which houses supervisors and backup agents on standby in case of an emergency — in a Trump Tower unit one floor below the president’s apartment.

But in early July, the post was relocated to a trailer on the sidewalk, more than 50 floors below, a distance that some security experts worry could hamper the agency that protects the president’s home and family.

Question of the Day

What’s the last gift you bought for yourself.

For my birthday this year, I bought this for myself:

A 1930s Remington Portable typewriter. I have been using it for the past 3 months and I absolutely love it. I’ve been using it mostly for personal correspondences, thank you notes, etc. and people really seem to love getting a typewritten letter. There’s more of a personal spin on a typewritten letter than one that’s been printed from your computer. Especially if you have awful penmanship like me. I was worried when I bought it that I would use it for a week and get bored but so far that’s not the case. I’ll get back to you in a year.

The Senate Finally Agrees on Something

Senate unanimously agrees to block Trump from making recess appointments over break:

The Senate unanimously agreed to block President Trump from making appointments during their August break amid concerns that he’ll replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the recess.

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who Trump blasted on Twitter after she voted against the party on health care last month, locked in nine “pro forma” sessions over the next four weeks, The Hill reported.

No business is conducted during such meetings — which typically last only a minute or so. Their purpose instead is to keep the Senate open during the vacation, which prevents Trump from making appointments without approval.