Friday Guest Cat Blogging

It’s cold out today. Miserably cold. And I’m far behind on christmas shopping. Mrs. C’s birthday is early in December which means that by the time my job is done figuring out a fantastic birthday gift, I have to go back to the drawing board to find something for Christmas.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend. If you want me to post your cat next week, send me an email at

From Patrick:

Meet Emperor Joshua Norton II. Happy holidays!

Trump Watch

It’s really hard to keep up with all the awfulness Trump is doing every single day. And he’s not even prez yet.

Trump Tells Cheering Crowd To Thank African-Americans for Not Voting:

HERSHEY, Pa. (AP) — Donald Trump’s barnstorming tour across the states that won him the White House continues to feature far more taunts of triumph than notes of healing after a bruising election.

Thursday’s rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, found the president-elect calling for the mostly white crowd to cheer for African-Americans who were “smart” to heed his message and therefore “didn’t come out to vote” for his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“That was the big thing, so thank you to the African-American community,” Trump said.

Trump To Nominate Far Right Lawyer David Friedman As Israeli Ambassador. And if you want to know how horrible this guy is, watch this clip where he accuses Huma Abedin of being in the Muslim Brotherhood (and agrees with a woman in the crowd who shouts out she’s also in Al-Qaeda):

And the Washington Post fact checks Trump:

There has never been a serial exaggerator in recent American politics like the president-elect. He not only consistently makes false claims but also repeats them, even though they have been proven wrong. He always insists he is right, no matter how little evidence he has for his claim or how easily his statement is debunked.

During the campaign, Trump earned 59 Four-Pinocchio ratings, compared with seven for Hillary Clinton. Since winning the presidency, Trump has earned four more Four-Pinocchio ratings, and his staff has earned one, as well. Unfortunately, we see little indication that this pattern will change during his presidency.

We also highlighted two especially pernicious trends this year — the rise of bogus statistics and fake news, spread through social media. It’s bad enough when leading politicians traffic in false information. But readers also need to be more skeptical about the information they find on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. All too often, the corrective report is shared less frequently than the initial, unsettling, bogus information.