Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I usually do this segment a week ahead of time. Mostly because readers send me cat photos while the current FGB post is at the top and then I never know how hectic the end of the week will be for me. If somebody takes the time to send me a picture for this segment then I want to make sure the post is ready to go for next week. I really do appreciate these.

Send me your cat pics to and I’ll have them ready for next week.


From Attila:

This is my mother’s cat from Hungary…

Love your blog!


From Stewart:

This is Bugalugs (ginger mongrel) who is 18 and Fredy (spotted lilac Australian Mist) who is 2.

Bugalugs is in his twilight years and a bit arthritic, Fredy keeps him company all day and helps keep him clean.

From Mike K:

My cat Jester doing his best Bill the Cat impression


Here’s my old Russian Blue, Dusty, sporting a nice weekend blep. She eats daily at 6 and 6, but knows the clock well enough to start howling exactly at the 5:00’s and if she doesn’t have her face in a bowl of food by 6:05, she will slash your elbow with a well-honed claw and make you bleed. She rules the other two cats in the house with an iron paw, they have in the past teamed up against her and come away lacking.

What’s the Latest Trumpian Boycott?

Every time I go to Twitter nowadays, I raise my palm to my face in preparation for whatever Trump shit storm is hitting the fan now. Today, it’s #DumpStarWars because Trump fans aren’t happy about the anti-fascist message in the movie. Or something? I don’t know. I don’t understand anything at the moment.