Trump’s Latest Picks

The guy he chose to run the EPA, hates the EPA:

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to nominate Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of the oil and gas-intensive state of Oklahoma, to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a move signaling an assault on President Obama’s climate change and environmental legacy.

Pruitt has spent much of his energy as attorney general fighting the very agency he is being nominated to lead.

He is the third of Trump’s appointees who have key philosophical differences with the missions of the agencies they have been tapped to run. Ben Carson, named to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has expressed a deep aversion to the social safety net programs and fair housing initiatives that have been central to that agency’s activities. Betsy DeVos, named education secretary, has a passion for private school vouchers that critics say undercut the public school systems at the core of the government’s mission.

And he picks Linda McMahon to head the small business administration:

It is hard to think of any person whose life work has been more inimical to workers, and indeed to small businesses, than McMahon. WWE has made untold profits from using labor loopholes to classify its employees as “independent contractors,” denying them overtime despite grueling travel schedules and health care despite the physical toll taken by the job. WWE has made aggressive use of industry tax credits designed to create jobs even as it laid off workers, and smothered even the slightest unionization efforts. Her company has obtained a de facto monopoly in the pro wrestling business through a ruthless campaign of crushing, suing, and pricing out competitors, many of them actual small businesses. This is no less insulting than if Trump had picked someone from the Wal-Mart board.

Sandy Hook ‘truther’ arrested for making death threats against father of slain boy

Like this guy hasn’t been through enough already with his child being gunned down but now has to deal with these truther assholes? (Redundant)

A Florida woman who believes that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an event staged by the government has been indicted for making threats against the father of one of the children killed in the massacre.

CBS Miami reported that 57-year-old Lucy Richards was indicted on four felony counts of transmitting threats in interstate commerce, according to a statement released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

“If convicted, each count carries a maximum term of five years’ imprisonment,” the statement explained. “Richards was arrested on December 5, 2016 and made her initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge Mark Pizzo in the Middle District of Florida. Richards is scheduled for an initial appearance in Fort Lauderdale on December 19, 2016.”

Trump adds Marine Gen. John F. Kelly to Head Homeland Security

Another General:

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security, turning to a blunt-spoken border security hawk who clashed with the Obama administration over women in combat and plans to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, according to people familiar with the decision.

Kelly, who retired in February as chief of U.S. Southern Command, would inherit a massive and often troubled department responsible for overseeing perhaps the most controversial part of Trump’s agenda: his proposed crackdown on illegal immigration. DHS is the third-largest Cabinet department, with more than 240,000 employees who do everything from fight terrorism to protect the president and enforce immigration laws.

Kelly, 66, is a widely respected military officer who served for more than 40 years, and he is not expected to face difficulty winning Senate confirmation. Trump’s team was drawn to him because of his Southwest border expertise, people familiar with the transition said. Like the president-elect, Kelly has sounded the alarm about drugs, terrorism and other cross-border threats he sees as emanating from Mexico and Central and South America.

Yet Kelly’s nomination could raise questions about what critics see as Trump’s tendency to surround himself with too many military figures. Trump has also selected retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis for defense secretary and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn as national security adviser, while retired Army Gen. David H. Petraeus is under consideration for secretary of state.