The GOP Is Gearing Up To Block ANY Clinton Nominee To The Supreme Court

Remember when the GOP said that Obama shouldn’t get to choose a Justice because the American people had the right to decide in the next election which party would be able to nominate a new Justice? We said it was bullshit at the time (since the American people DID elect Obama) and they’re going to keep pulling this shit for the time to come. If you think things are bad with this election, wait until HRC is elected President. It’s only going to get worse:

In a stunning political move, conservatives are already strategizing on how to block any future Supreme Court nominee from moving forward during Hillary Clinton’s presidency before the election even happens.

“I don’t think there is precedent for it. It really does reveal just how politically charged and polarized our judicial politics have become,” said Charles Gardner Geyh, a professor of law at Indiana University who advised then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) during the 1991 confirmation hearing of Justice Clarence Thomas. “We are at risk of losing legitimacy as a nation in terms of being able to govern effectively.”

A number of Republican lawmakers and scholars have already begun openly rationalizing why Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to appoint Supreme Court justices. (These are many of the same people who argued President Obama shouldn’t get a nominee in the last year of his term because it should be up to the person who wins the November election.)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told reporters that the Senate would have a “debate” about whether to accept Clinton’s nominees and that there was nothing wrong with having just eight justices.