Mother Upset That Child In School is Receiving an Education

A mother wants a textbook change because it has the audacity to cover Islam. She doesn’t seem to understand that there’s a big difference between education and indoctrination.

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A Sullivan County mother, upset about the way Islam is taught in her child’s school took her concerns to the board of education Monday night.

Michelle Edmisten was the only parent to speak during public comment about how Islam is being taught in schools.

She pleaded with the board asking for an immediate change.


“It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country,” Edmisten said.

Edmisten said her daughter just finished the Islam unit, and felt some of the assignments went against her beliefs as a Christian.

She said her daughter refused to complete some of the assignments regarding Islam because of those beliefs, and as a result failed several of those assignments.

Monday night, she asked board members to change the curriculum.

“I would like to see the Pearson book yanked from the school immediately. I would like to see parents, Christians, veterans, anyone that’s anyone, stand up for this fight. How can I, as a Christian, say that I have these values? And I want to instill these values in my daughter, but then say its okay go ahead and do it,” Edmisten said.

Board of Education members listened, but said changing a textbook involves a process.

Banning Clown Costumes

USA, the country that is perfectly fine with everybody having a gun but we freak out at the sight of somebody in a wig and floppy shoes and immediately attempt to ban it:

And so begins the War on Clowns. Following a smattering of “creepy clown” sightings and hoax killer clown threats, a number of schools in the tri-state area are prohibiting Halloween clown costumes. Stephen King has blood on his hands.

The New Haven public school district has banned children from dressing up as clowns this year, decreeing them “symbols of terror,” much like Nazis and SAT prep books. School officials made the decision on Monday, after photos and reports began circulating on social media about “creepy clowns,” “armed clowns,” and clown threats in parts of New Jersey and on Long Island. Apparently there were clown-related threats made against New Haven schools on Instagram, and the district has decided to take action.

“Any incident in which a student is found with clown-like apparel or other costumes that are perceived to be threatening given this context will be handled on a case-by-case basis,” Superintendent Garth Harries announced a press conference yesterday. Good thing there isn’t a major holiday revolving around scary costumes this month…