Johnson Fails To Name Single Foreign Leader: ‘I’m Having An Aleppo Moment’

A few quick thoughts on this.
1. Oh yeah, he’s still kind of running.
2. Bill Weld probably should have been the Libertarian prez candidate. Johnson really just looks clueless on all fronts. It’s a stupid question but not being able to throw out any world leader is kind of like Sarah Palin not being able to choose a magazine that she reads.
3. I really wish the media would treat Trump as he was Johnson. But I guess Trump would just steamroll through ignoring the question until they gave up. Then after he can talk about how he was ambushed and nobody is covering Hillary’s anti-coughing machine. Oy.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson made another jaw-dropping blunder on foreign policy during an MSNBC town hall on Wednesday night, failing to name a single foreign leader.

Moderator Chris Matthews pressed Johnson to identify a foreign leader that he admired, prodding him with examples.

“Any one of the continents, any country. Name one foreign leader that your respect and look up to. Anybody,” Matthews said, as a flustered-looking Johnson sputtered audibly.

Vice Presidential pick Bill Weld tried to interject, but Matthews kept pushing.

“You gotta do this,” he said. “Anywhere. Any continent. Canada, Mexico, Europe over there, Asia, south America, Africa. Any foreign leader that you respect.”

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” Johnson said eventually, referring to his recent failure to identify the city at the heart of Syria’s refugee crisis in a live interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”