Jesus is on an Oven Door


Naturally. You didn’t think he was just going to show up at a children’s cancer ward and help did you?

An oven is usually used for cooking dishes and baking cakes and pastries. But in the central European country of Slovakia, however, one such common kitchen equipment stunned villagers when it reflected an image of Jesus Christ

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the image of Jesus supposedly appeared on the door of an oven in a house in the remote Slovakian village of Batizovce.

The owner of the oven, who was not named in the report, shared that she was just casually baking one day when she spotted what she perceived to be the face of Jesus imprinted on the glass part of the oven’s door.

“‘I wanted to cook so I put the pot in the stove, but my eyes kept being drawn down to the door. Something was slowly appearing there. So I sat and watched and suddenly the picture of Jesus appeared,” the woman said, as quoted by the British newspaper.

Jimmy Fallon’s Full Body Rubdown of a Hatemonger

From The Guardian:

On Thursday, Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on the Tonight Show and ended the segment by saying, “Donald I want to ask you, because the next time I see you you could be the President of the United States. I just want to know if there is something we could do that’s just not really presidential, really – can I mess your hair up?” Trump let him and the NBC audience roared with laughter. But, for many of us, this is very far from being a joke.

Giving comic cover to Trump just isn’t funny when he’s unleashed forces of anti-blackness and anti-immigrant sentiment. He’s labelled Mexicans rapists, raised the prospect of a ban on Muslims, patronized and insulted African Americans while pretending to be a potential new hope. As a result, Fallon managed to come over as one powerful white man protecting another.

Not only was it not funny. It didn’t do anything to take Trump down a notch (if it was even meant to). Instead, it humanized him, boosting him on that stupid metric so many Americans use when choosing a president: “Hey, he’s a guy I’d want to have a beer with! Look at him, letting Fallon have fun with him!”

Fallon had real power last night and squandered it. I can’t imagine Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah or the recently departed Larry Wilmore building up Trump like that.

I don’t watch late night tv shows at all. I have posted some clever clips from Fallon’s show in the past however. This will be the last one I post. Trump spews nothing but hate. I never agree with GOP candidates on policies but McCain and Romney (and even Bush for that matter) didn’t seem like terrible people. I’ve never seen a presidential candidate who is within a few electoral votes of actually being president in my lifetime who has spread as much hatred and incivility as Trump. And he does it on a daily basis. Check out these tweets just from the past few hours:

Petulant insults and a subtle death threat on his opponent’s life and all within 24 hours? Fuck you Jimmy Fallon for rubbing his head like he’s some cuddly harmless buddy. He’s a monster and needs to be treated as such. Take a lesson from Seth Meyers on how to belittle the guy and still be funny: