Pastor Interrupts Trump, Asks Him Not to Give ‘Political Speech’

Donald Trump was interrupted while speaking at a church in Flint, Michigan by a pastor who helped organized the appearance.

When Trump began criticizing Hillary Clinton, the pastor walked up to the podium and interrupted him, saying he was not invited “to give a political speech.”

“Oh, oh, OK, OK. That’s good,” Trump said, then resumed speaking.

Shortly after, Trump was interrupted by a heckler, who was shut down by the pastor, who defended Trump as a guest in her church. Before he wrapped up the speech, a man in the front of the crowd began talking over him.

Trump’s appearance followed a tour of Flint and the city’s water plant following its ongoing public health crisis from lead-contaminated drinking water.


Trump trashes the pastor. He also says the audience was behind him and conveniently forgets that the pastor also stopped the audience from criticizing Trump during his speech.