‘No Excuse’: Johnson Says if Voters Disqualify Him Over Aleppo Flop, ‘So Be It’

It definitely made Johnson look out of touch on foreign issues but I’m not sure why this should disqualify him when Trump tweets more outrageous things before breakfast.

Gary Johnson is still getting blowback over his Syrian fumble this morning, but he says he’s prepared to face whatever the consequences may be.

The libertarian candidate followed Morning Joe with an appearance on The View, where he told Whoopi Goldberg that there was “no excuse” he could offer for the slip-up. Even so, Johnson defended his familiarity with Aleppo’s importance, elaborated his approach to dealing with ISIS, and acknowledged that Mike Barnicle did ask him a fair question.

“It’s how you deal with adversity that ultimately determines success,” Johnson said.

Also, good on Johnson for owning it.