Question of the Day

We still have a few months before the presidential election so let’s put down some predictions and after we’re fleeing the country in November it may be fun to go back and see how we did.

I think it’s Hillary’s to lose or cough away at this point. I know Trump has come back from his post-Dem Convention free fall, but I just don’t think he’s going to have the numbers. He’ll be lucky to get a full percentage point of black voters, he’s gone out of his way to alienate hispanic/latinos and muslims, and his main appeal is towards older white bigots who want to Make America White again. This may have been enough to win twenty years ago but times have changed. I think it’s going to be a landslide for Clinton.

This doesn’t mean that Clinton can’t fuck it up though. Democrats are artists when it comes to losing elections in spectacular fashion and a big terror attack could be enough to push things in swing states to put Trump back in the game. He could still win. But my money would be on Clinton at this point.

Et vous?