Nate Silver: Trump would likely win if election were held today

Sweet Zeus on a bicycle:

Statistician Nate Silver on Monday said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be favored to win if the general election occurred today.

If the election were today, Trump would likely win. But Clinton’s still favored long-term:
— FiveThirtyEight (@FiveThirtyEight) July 25, 2016

Trump now leads presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, 57.5 percent to 42.5 percent, in that scenario, according to Silver’s website, FiveThirtyEight.

FiveThirtyEight has Clinton besting Trump this November in two other prediction samples, however.

Trump Still Wants Revenge on Kasich, Cruz, and Someone Small

From Bloomberg:

Donald Trump plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for office again, after both snubbed the Republican nominee during his party’s convention this week, a person familiar with Trump’s thinking told Bloomberg Politics on Friday.

Donald Trump confirmed his plans during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” broadcast on Sunday, saying “I’ll probably do a super-PAC, you know, when they run – against Kasich for $10 million, to $20 million against Ted Cruz.”

Trump added that there may be “one other person that [he’s] thinking about” starting an outside group against, but that unnamed individual is “such a small person” that he “hates to give him the publicity.”

Former nomination rival Jeb Bush is apparently not the third person being eyed by Trump, even after skipping the convention and refusing to back the Republican nominee. On Friday Trump said he “does not care” about targeting t Bush because the former Florida governor is already “destroyed.”