Attack In Nice: ’30 Dead’ As Truck Hits Crowd

Details are still cloudy but Sky News is reporting that 60 may be killed.:

A further 100 people have been injured, according to French television station BFM TV.

One eyewitness reported seeing the driver slam the lorry into revellers celebrating France’s annual Bastille Day.

He then emerged from the vehicle and started shooting, local resident Wassim Bouhlel told news agency AP.

“There was carnage on the road,” he said. “Bodies everywhere.”

The death toll has risen to 77. This is just awful.

Two Men Fall Off Cliff While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

We’re going to have to add another Darwin award category this year:

Two men fell off a cliff Wednesday in San Diego’s North County while playing “Pokemon Go,” the Encinitas Fire Department confirmed.

San Diego Lifeguards reported that someone had fallen off a cliff at E Street around 1:12 p.m. When the Encinitas Fire Department arrived, they found a man around 80 to 90 feet down the cliff, on the beach.

Crews found a second man who was unconscious about 50 feet down the cliff.

Both men were taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital. The extent of their injuries was unknown.

NY Man Totals Car While Playing Pokemon Go

People are really, really fucking stupid:

Auburn, N.Y. police say that Steven Cary, 28, crashed his car into a tree Tuesday night, July 12 at about 10:45 p.m., and per The Smoking Gun, admitted to cops that he was playing Pokemon Go before veering off the road. The good news is that Cary didn’t kill anybody, but the bad news for him is that he suffered a broken ankle and absolutely destroyed his car. The even worse news for him is that with impaired mobility, catching more Pokemon will prove difficult, and he can’t even hire out the services of an expert Pokemon trainer anymore.

The NYPD shared a number of Pokemon Go safety tips yesterday, including (unsurprisingly) a warning not to play Pokemon Go while driving your 2,000 pound death machine.