Andrea Leadsom pulls out of Conservative leadership race

Nobody wants to be Prime Minister:

Andrea Leadsom has pulled out of the race to become the next Conservative leader, saying it is in the “best interests of the country”, paving the way for Theresa May to become prime minister.

Warning that a nine-week leadership contest would destabilise the country at a critical time following the Brexit vote, Leadsom said: “Business needs certainty; a strong and unified government must move quickly to set out what an independent UK’s framework for business looks like.”

The Woman in this Instant Iconic Photo


Ieshia Evans, a 28-year-old mother from New York, is the stoic and strong woman featured in a Baton Rouge protest photo that many – especially on social media – are already hailing as iconic. The BBC calls it legendary. Others are comparing it to famous symbols of resistance.

In the photo, Evans stands defiantly, but silently, in a flowing black-and-white sundress and stares down two police officers wearing armor. The picture was taken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday, July 9, where Evans had joined a protest in the death of Alton Sterling, a Baton Rouge man who was shot to death by police officers outside a convenience store.

Artist Being Sued Because He Said He Didn’t Paint a Painting

From the NY Times:

O.K., Peter Doig may have tried LSD a few times when he was growing up in Canada during the 1970s. But he still knows, he said, when a painting is or isn’t his.

So when Mr. Doig, whose eerie, magical landscapes have made him one of the world’s most popular artists, was sent a photograph of a canvas he said he didn’t recognize, he disavowed it.

“I said, ‘Nice painting,’” he recalled in an interview. “‘Not by me.’”

The owner, however, disagreed and sued him, setting up one of the stranger art authentication cases in recent history.