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Yesterday’s QOD has some really good ones in the comments. It’s a little slow today so I’m going through some of them.

BTW, did anybody finish Serial season 2? I gave up halfway through when I realized I didn’t really care about the subject matter. (Yeah, it sounded like Bergdahl screwed up by walking off for whatever reason and ended up paying for the mistake by being held and tortured. Wasn’t sure what the point was of the entire season so I gave up.)

Minnesota Police Shooting’s Aftermath Is Captured in Gruesome Video

I’m not sure what’s left to be said about things like this. But these shootings will continue to happen as long as police are allowed to shoot first and ask questions later until they are being held properly accountable.

A Minnesota man was fatally shot Wednesday night by the police during a traffic stop in a St. Paul suburb, and the aftermath was captured in a grisly video recorded by the car’s front-seat passenger and streamed live.

It was the second shooting this week of a black man by police officers, and parts of both encounters were recorded on video.

As the Minnesota video circulated widely on social media, protesters gathered outside the governor’s mansion in St. Paul demanding accountability for the police officers involved.