Footage of Paris from the Late 1890s

Historical film production company Yestervid have released their latest video, ‘The Oldest Footage of Paris’.

It features a stunning collection of the oldest footage of various places around the great city of Paris. The unique video also includes maps and new footage showing side-by-side comparisons of the old and new.

The video features:
* 24 vintage shots of recognizable places in Paris from 1877-1900
* Added dates and maps to show where the camera was
* Amazing side-by-side or fade comparisons with modern footage of exactly the same spot
* The clip that is the oldest surviving footage of a known location in Paris – a historic gem from 1887.

(via Laughing Squid)

JK Rowling Can’t Stop Being Awesome

There’s a Harry Potter musical currently under production and they cast a black Hermione. This sent the usual outrage through the twitterverse for those who can suspend their disbelief for flying cars and owl mail but can’t believe in having a black lead actress.

Some of them asked for JK Rowling’s opinion on the matter:


Steve Harvey fucked up big time last night. When announcing the winner of the Miss Universe pageant, he crowned the wrong person. The crowd is cheering wildly for Miss Colombia as she stands there basking in her moment of triumph before Steve Harvey sheepishly comes back out and says, “my bad,” as they yoink the crown from her and toss it over to Miss Philippines. Damn.