Meanwhile in Canada

The first military plane carrying Syrian refugees to be resettled in Canada has arrived in the country. Welcoming the 163 refugees, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was “showing the world how to open our hearts”.
The newly elected Liberal government has pledged to take in 25,000 refugees by the end of February.

A Trump Supporter

Who is she?

DeLemus is actually a Republican New Hampshire state representative and has been in office since January 2015. So if her “never been” comments are supposed to be about herself, then she’s a little off the mark considering her subsequent use of the word “suddenly.” If they’re about Trump’s interest in politics, then DeLemus is either lying or doesn’t actually know anything about her candidate’s history.

Gun Rights Group Wanted to Stage Mock Mass Shooting at University of Texas

How did they ever think this would be a good idea?

6: 30 p.m. update: After University of Texas officials said a gun rights demonstration planned for this weekend could be considered criminal trespass, the organizers said the demonstration would likely be staged on Guadalupe Street, adjacent to campus.

“We will move forward with the event on the adjacent public land using UT as the backdrop,” said Murdoch Pizgatti, a founder of the gun rights groups Come and Take It Texas and