A Complaint Letter to a Movie Theater About Two Female Muslim Movie Goers

From Universal Hub:

Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2015 9:10 AM
Subject: Security
Dear Mr ____,

On Saturday December 5 my date and I attended the 4:15 showing of Spotlight at the ***** . Just before the show started I was returning from the men’s room , when I came across two Muslim women with large backpacks speaking a foreign language entering my theatre . I don’t have to remind you what has happened in Boston, Paris , or San Bernardino lately . I then went up to speak to the manager, I believe his name was ___. He told me backpacks were allowed and took no action. Well I’m takes action , I will never attended you theater again until you have a policy the improves the security at you venue as many venue already have . I would be happy to see your response.

Thank You

And the manager responds:

Dear _____,

As you can see by the fact that these two women enjoyed their movie and nobody was harmed, your fears are unfounded. You may also be aware that the majority of deadly terrorist attacks in the United States are carried out by white males, so imagine how these women might have felt surrounded by so many of them at the movies, especially given that white males are solely responsible for all of the movie theater shootings recently!

If my policy of nondiscrimination means you never step foot in my theaters again, I am happy to have one less customer who comes off as a xenophobic piece of racist garbage.

Hope that helps!
Merry Christmas,
Director of Operations

Perfect response!