Cop Suspended After Drawing Weapon on Teen Pool Party

Any guesses on the race of the teens?

At least one police officer has been put on leave in McKinney, Texas after video emerged of him pushing a bystander down and drawing his weapon.

The incident occurred Friday when police responded to disturbance call at a community pool. According to the McKinney PD the officers were called because a number of “teens,” also commonly known as “youths,” from outside the neighborhood were using the pool.

On its Facebook page the department said a “large crowd” refused to comply with their orders, at which point multiple backup units responded. At some point, according to the cops, a fight broke out between the teens:

However, bystanders told BuzzFeed that the teens had been invited there as part of an end-of-school party, and had guest passes. Some witnesses said nearby parents were upset at the presence of African Americans, presumably from another part of town, at the pool, and said it was actually adults who started the fight, telling the kids to go back to “Section 8 [public] housing.”

I Asked Psychics to Connect with My Non-Existent Dead Sister


These questions have floated around in my head for a while, but it wasn’t until last Sunday that I decided to act on them. Inspired by Houdini, I made up a basic pass/fail test that I could apply to see if someone was actually in tune with all the truths in the universe: If I made up a dead sister and asked a bunch of psychics to connect with her, how many wouldn’t be able to tell I was full of shit?

I don’t have a sister and am the oldest child in the family, so I figured inventing a big sister would keep any interfering energies or whatever it is psychics pick up on out of the picture. I created “Emily”: born January 31, 1990; died June 2, 2014 in a tragic car crash. Her boyfriend, who was driving the car, died with her (RIP).

A quick Kijiji search came up with dozens of psychic/medium listings in Toronto and four immediately responded to my texts and emails. I was set.

(via Friendly Atheist)