Boston Bike Path Blocked by Wall of Snow – So Cyclists Tunnel Through It


What do you do if you find your usual bike commuting route blocked by a wall of snow as a result of a huge wall of snow cleared from a nearby car park? Well, a group of cyclists from Boston, Massachusetts, took matters – and shovels – into their own hands and carved a tunnel through out.

Nicknamed Big Dig II, a reference to the city’s $20 billion road tunnel finished in 2007, the improvised tunnel sits on the Wellington Greenway beside the Malden and Mystic rivers and links Boston’s inner harbour to Medford.

Ari Goldberger told “One night I’m coming home and suddenly there’s this huge mountain of snow in the way. So I carried my bike over it and took a picture with the bike in front for comparison.”

He went to a nearby station operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to complain, but was referred to the operators of the parking lot. They in turn said removal of the snow was the MBTA’s responsibility.

“Rather than waiting on hold for a million years calling the MBTA, I posted the picture online and said, ‘If nothing is done about this, it’s going to take months to melt.’”

His friend, Shadron Davis, said tongue-in-cheek they should Get some friends together and tunnel through it,” but on reflection she decided it was a good idea.

Video footage of the Wellington T-Stop snow-tunnel! / cc @OnlyinBos, @universalhub

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