Soviet-Era Illustrations Of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit (1976)


As with many Russian translations during the Cold War, the book came with a completely different set of illustrations. Mine, I remember regretting slightly, lacked pictures altogether. A friend’s edition, however, was illustrated in the typical Russian style: much more traditionally stylized than Tolkien’s own drawings, they were more angular, friendlier, almost cartoonish. In this post, we include a number of these images from the 1976 printing. The cover, above, depicts a grinning Bilbo Baggins holding a gem. Below, Gandalf, an ostensibly harmless soul, pays Bilbo a visit.

What It’s Like Living In Boston Right Now

The author takes issue with somebody on CNN who says Boston should stop complaining.

Someone tweeted an article about how Boston needs to stop complaining and enjoy the snow. 140 characters weren’t nearly enough to say just how wrong I think this is.

Here’s the thing:

This isn’t just some crappy weather we’re dealing with. This isn’t just some minor annoyances that we should just deal with and get over and worry about real problems instead.

It’s a real problem. A significant problem. A problem as big as the giant piles of snow that now line our roads.

This is people missing work, which means people not getting paid, businesses not getting revenue, families that will struggle to pay their bills this month. The snow keeps us inside and puts a huge damper on our city’s retail and tourism economy.

(via Metafilter)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite cold weather/snowy day food?

Boston has been buried in snow and freezing for the past three weeks now. Which means I’ve been making a ton of warming food the past few weeks. Baked beans, pulled pork, gumbo, cassoulets, etc.

I think this weekend it’s time to make a vat of clam chowder. What’s your favorite food to keep you warm during the winter?

High Speed Chase Ends With Civilians Apprehending Suspect

After he smashes into their cars:

News anchors in Texas were left absolutely stunned while covering a car chase on Wednesday afternoon.

KXAS-TV’s helicopter was following a robbery suspect in Dallas who was attempting to flee the scene in an allegedly stolen white Dodge Challenger. When the car suddenly crashed into two others, the suspect tried to get out of the car — but to little avail, as passengers from those vehicles stormed out and angrily confronted the suspect. They appeared to be yelling at him as he was stumbling to get out of the car.