The Anti-Vaxxer’s Children’s Book

From Yahoo! News:

Stephanie Messenger’s “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles” was written to show children the supposed “benefits of having measles” and outlines natural healing methods, such as eating fruits and vegetables.

In the book, Melanie contracts measles despite being vaccinated; whereas, her unvaccinated friend Tina is not infected with the virus even though they happily hug each other and play together.

This scenario would be unlikely. The virus is so contagious that 90 percent of people who are not vaccinated will be infected if exposed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Dr. Jennifer Lighter Fisher, an infectious disease specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics, says that in theory, the disease could be eradicated from the planet because humans are the only species affected by it.

“Measles really is a devastating illness, and it’s completely preventable. The vaccine is very efficacious,” she said in an interview with Yahoo News.

Clearly, Messenger is highly skeptical of the overwhelming scientific consensus on this issue.

“Often today, we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests to fear all diseases in order for someone to sell some potion or vaccine,” Messenger writes in a book description, “when, in fact, history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body.”

Messenger, of Brisbane, Queensland, said she wanted to show children, ages 4 to 10, that vaccinations are ineffective and that measles can supposedly be fun.

The reviews on Amazon are always worth a read.

Oklahoma University Newspaper Prints Jack White’s Concert Rider

Including his recipe for guacamole:

According to the Grammy award-winning rock artists’ contract, “this is a NO BANANA TOUR.”

And White’s not messing around. According to the contract, “We don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building.”

Here are some other tidbits from his contract:

• While the local wardrobe personnel for the tour must provide an iron and ironing board, the White’s tour will provide Jiffy brand steamer for wardrobe needs.

• Hospitality for the performance must be set up and ready to go prior to the tour group’s arrival, with the exception of alcohol and deli/cheese platters. Those can wait. It’s a different story for the 36 bottles of spring water, four bottles of fresh juice smoothies, 1 pound of “freshly sliced, high-quality prosciutto and aged salami with a sharp knife,” though—all for White’s dressing room.

• The band’s dressing room requires “FRESH HOME-MADE GUACAMOLE.” They even included a recipe, and these people know their guacamole. The recipe is included in full below (just in time for a Jack White-themed Super Bowl party):

And Jack White isn’t too pleased.

Compilation of Drones Crashing

Anyone who has ever flown a multicopter will know that not every flight ends in a soft landing. Quadcopter pilots can often run into problems when flying. Be that, wild animals, unexpected obstacles like mountains, trees, power lines, tall buildings, other flying craft, drones loosing signal and flying away, and even more sinister sounding phenomena such as “the flip of death”, a somewhat common occurrence on the DJI s800 hex-rotor.

Whatever the reason that causes a drone to go down, one thing they almost always have in common is great aerial footage of the crashes! Usually this is provided in High definition Go Pro videos.

This is why we decided to compile some of the most extreme and entertaining of these drone crashes to the back track of Queens – Another one bites the dust, a highly appropriate song in our opinion.