Cop Caught Snoozing on Job Tells Man It’s ‘Now Illegal’ to Film Officers in Public

From Mediaite:

An Illinois police officer caught asleep by a passing student warned him that it was “now illegal to record a police officer in public” despite the fact that it’s perfectly legal to do so in that state.

Matt Fedora, a student at Southern Illinois University, was surprised when he saw a cop sleeping in an Illinois church parking lot for three hours, and, in his own words, “pissed.” His own house in the neighborhood had been burglarized, and two others had been robbed nearby, and he hoped that the unidentified officer would at least try to prevent such incidents.

But the conversation quickly went south, according to the blog Photograph Is Not a Crime:

“You’ve been here for the past three hours,” Fedora said. “Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me.”
“I’m not lying to you,” the cop said.
“If you keep lying, I’m going to post this on Youtube,” Fedora said.
“Oh, so you’re recording?”
“I am.”
“Are you aware that it’s now illegal to record a police officer in public?”