Pope Warns Against Gay Marriage

Remember how people were saying that this was the “nice” pope?

(Reuters) – Pope Francis on Friday warned against an “ideological colonization of the family,” a reference to gay marriage around the world and to a heated debate in the Philippines about a government population control plan.

The Pope made his impromptu comments at rally for families in Manila on a day that began with an appeal to the government to tackle corruption and hear the cries of the poor suffering from “scandalous social inequalities” in Asia’s most Catholic country.

Addressing an evening rally of families, he spoke of an “ideological colonization that we have to be careful about that is trying to destroy the family”. He said it was coming from “outside” and had to be resisted.

Miami Cops Caught Using Photos of Black Teens for Target Practice

Hey, we’ve been criticized lately for killing black people without cause lately so let’s use pictures of black teens to practice our gun skills.

Members of the North Miami Beach Police have been caught using photos of actual black teenagers for target practice.

This was discovered during an incident last month when Sgt. Valerie Deant, a clarinet player in the Florida Army National Guard’s 13th Army Band, showed up at the Medley Firearms Training Center after members of the department had been practicing, and recognized one of their targets – a mugshot of her brother from when he was just 18-years-old.

The other targets were also black men, and some just teenagers. But now the department is defending the practice.

(Thanks Tom)

Boy Says He Didn’t Go To Heaven; Publisher Says It Will Pull Book

This is all over the web this morning. I don’t know what to say about it really. Duh?

Nearly five years after it hit best-seller lists, a book that purported to be a 6-year-old boy’s story of visiting angels and heaven after being injured in a bad car crash is being pulled from shelves. The young man at the center of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, Alex Malarkey, said this week that the story was all made up.

The book’s publisher, Tyndale House, had promoted it as “a supernatural encounter that will give you new insights on Heaven, angels, and hearing the voice of God.”

But Thursday, Tyndale House confirmed to NPR that it is taking “the book and all ancillary products out of print.”