Lawyer Commercial Involving a Sex Doll

He makes Saul Goodman look like Clarence Darrow. From Above the Law:

We’ve seen all sorts of lawyer advertising throughout the years at Above the Law, but we’ve never seen something quite like this. The commercial we’ve uncovered is a far cry from the typical scene of a lawyer standing in front of a bookshelf droning on and on about how he and his firm can help accident victims or those who’ve been accused of a crime navigate the ins and outs of the legal system.

Leave it to Michael A. Fiumara of the Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara to go where no lawyer has dared to go before. Just last year, Fiumara was inducted into the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and with that shiny new accolade, hes now he’s attempting to represent clients who would like nothing better than to see his briefs.

(via Dangerous Minds)

Paper Sculptures

To make his sculptures Li uses a stencil to paste glue in narrow strips across large pieces of paper that he then sticks together to form blocks of 500.
He stacks the blocks to the desired height — an average bust is over ten blocks or 5,000 sheets of paper high — then cuts, chisels and sands the large block just as if it were a piece of soft stone. Born into a simple farming family, Li said he has always loved paper, first invented in ancient China. He has spent six years producing a collection of books recording more than 1,000 years of Buddhist art on paper.
In his recent works, Li has consciously produced only perfect replicas of classical busts and shapes he used to sketch at university. The denatured human forms may make some people squirm, but Li says he uses the archetypal figures to make audiences concentrate on the material, not to shock.

Star Wars Voted Most Anticipated Movie Of 2015

Meh. Thanks to Lucas’s mangling of the back story I guess it would be difficult to think that JJ Abrams could do worse. I’m actually anticipating Red Letter Media’s review of it over the actual movie so perhaps I’m not the best judge of this.

But given the remaining movies on the list, being the most anticipated movie of 2015 doesn’t really seem all that special. The rest are all sequels except for 50 Shades which is fan fiction of a bad movie that had way too many sequels.

Now Open for All Your Cynical Needs

Let’s start this thing again shall we? Enough of the countdown. I’ve dusted off some of the cobwebs and chased off the family of vagrant squirrels that had chewed away some of the interweb wires connecting the archives to the… It’s all very technical. But I think we’re back in business.

I’ve added a few new doodangles in the sidebar but nothing has been vigorously tested so if you run into something that’s not working then it probably isn’t working. The complaint box always seems to be in spectacular working order.

I’m happy to be back after a long break. What have I missed?