A Billionaire is a Victim to a Crime

CBS reports on how wine counterfeiters scammed a Koch brother out of several million dollars for counterfeit wine. Not sure I see a problem here..

Following last week’s fraud conviction of famed Indonesian wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan, billionaire Bill Koch takes us into his enormous wine cellar and discusses bacchanalian scams with CBS Sunday Morning. In his time as a collector, Koch says that he’s lost a staggering $4.5 million on 420 bottles of fake wine. “A pretty big swindle,” he admits.

The billionaire has testified against Kurniawan and has made it his mission to quell ongoing fraud. He’s emptied $25 million from his pockets thus far on eight wine-related lawsuits, including a high-profile case against Hardy Rodenstock involving fraudulent Thomas Jefferson made wines back in the 80s. “If it takes me to the end of the world, I’m going after the fraudster,” he says. For the time being, Koch has ceased augmenting his collection of 40,000 bottles and he is not alone.