No charges after man pulls gun on ‘b*tch’ with disabled kid over Walmart parking delay

From Raw Story:

Police in Colorado say that an Aurora man will not be charged after he admitted pulling his gun on a woman with four children — including a disabled child — because she was taking too long to park her car.

Shakia Bush told KMGH-TV that she was waiting for a handicap parking space at a local Walmart recently and a man behind her started honking his horn.

When she got out to tell him to go around because she was waiting for the handicap space, she said that he started yelling obscenities and pulled out a gun.

“He showed it to me in the air, then held it to his chest and said, ‘B****, I have a gun. I will shoot your a**,’” she recalled. “My 10-year old son was saying ‘Mommy, he’s going to shoot you. I don’t want him to shoot you.’”

Bush said that she screamed that the man was “pulling a gun on a woman” before writing down his license plate number and calling 911.

“That’s when he got back into his car and took off,” she said.

Police identified the suspect as Justin West. But in an interview, he insisted that he had pulled the gun because he thought “people were going to jump out and attack him.”

According to his version of events, he told Bush, “I have a gun and will defend myself.”