Kansas Group Wants to Press Charges Over Statue

From KansasCity.com:

A fresh effort is underway to bring criminal charges over a bare-breasted statue in Overland Park. This time, the push is empowered with a new law giving citizen groups more influence in the process.

The American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri said Monday it plans to start circulating petitions to empanel a grand jury to again investigate whether the sculpture at the Overland Park Arboretum violates state obscenity laws.

The case may signal whether other citizen-led prosecutions — including those launched by anti-abortion groups — can expect more success under the new law.

Overland Park City Manager Bill Ebel said the group has the right to seek another grand jury. He said the city would cooperate with any ensuing investigation. The city spent about $35,000 defending the statue last time.

Question of the Day

How do you stay in shape?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from a post I did where I mentioned I lost 40lbs. 44lbs now actually.

In 2012, I was up to 248lbs (I’m 6 feet) which was my highest ever. I really wasn’t feeling very healthy and hated how my clothes were fitting. I decided to start putting some effort into getting back into shape. I started with the Wii Fit which in retrospect was a good way to start. The Wii Fit’s scale gave me a good graphical representation of my progress. The exercises weren’t too intense but enough to get me moving. I also started using Loseit to monitor my caloric intake. When I plateaued after losing about 20lbs, I started going to the gym a few days a week. Nowadays, I go about 5 days. I’m lucky because my apartment complex has a gym so I don’t have to go too far. I’m now down to about 204lbs and really feeling much better. I have far more energy than I did at my heaviest.

I did make some really big dietary changes. I eliminated fast food from my diet. I also stopped drinking soda, going out to chain restaurants where they really saturate their food in sugars and fat (I still go to a few local restaurants every once in a while of course but I don’t make it into a habit). I think the biggest thing I did to help besides exercise was using a calorie counter. Not so much to measure my daily intake but to get a grasp on how many calories I was actually eating.

I’m shooting for below 200 and then the trick will be maintaining.